Benefits to the organisation

  • Cost-effective and convenient

  • Scaleable

  • Dashboards to track employee progress

  • Fewer logistics

  • Just-in-time learning

  • No carbon footprint

Benefits for the busy employee

  • Convenient 'coach in your pocket'

  • Self-paced microlearning on the go

  • Supporting course notes and assessments

  • Downloadable content (apps only)

  • Highly engaging content

  • Subtitles

Our Products

Working Voices eLearning platform

  • Complete eLearning system for L&D and HR

  • Web and mobile apps

  • Supports single sign-on

  • Track departmental or individual progress via dashboards

  • degreed logo - integration partner

Content for your LMS

  • We'll supply you with courses in SCORM format

  • Our files provide a responsive design no matter the device type

  • Content hosted externally and displayed on your business' LMS

  • Course materials updated remotely with no administrative input

  • Videos play smoothly as though hosted locally

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12 Courses 8 hours 35 mins

Culture, Diversity & Ethics

5 Courses 5 hours 08 mins

Writing & Productivity

5 Courses 4 hours 26 mins


5 Courses 2 hours 40 mins

Influencing & Persuasion

5 Courses 4 hours 04 mins

Networking & Personal Brand

4 Courses 2 hours 22 mins

Personal Impact

6 Courses 4 hours 53 mins


6 Courses 3 hours 20 mins

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What Our Clients Say

“96% of our learners would recommend that we offer Working Voices eLearning as a regular learning offering”

“We found that 91% of our users would recommend the courses to co-workers”

“Over 90% agreed that the courses and their structure were either very good or excellent”

“Your course content is well presented, well organised and well substantiated”

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are the courses?

When it comes to learning, the perennial challenge for L&D is employee engagement. We know that the more L&D does to internally promote the learning on offer, the better the uptake will be. We also know that the Courses are highly effective for learners who take the opportunity seriously.

How much time will employees need to set aside?

The most common remark we hear from both L&D and learners themselves is that learners are time starved. Happily, the course content was designed for super busy people. On average, the videos run for 2 or 3 minutes each, so learners can dip and out at their convenience. Like Netflix, someone can start watching a course on their home PC and continue watching it on their smart device whilst commuting – the platform will remember where they left off.

What do you mean the content is 'downloadable'?

The content is only downloadable to smart devices if you’re using the Working Voices Platform and once downloaded, can be watched on the tube, the subway, or even on an aircraft. Entire courses can be downloaded, or individual modules. Once the learner’s device reconnects to the internet, their progress will be uploaded back to our servers and will remember where they were on all their devices.

How long does it take to get set-up on your platform or an LMS?

If you belong to a large organisation with a legal department, this is where any delay is most likely to occur. In normal circumstances, once the contracts are all agreed, we can have you up and running on the same day.

What do you mean by Team Names?

This only applies if you intend to access the content on our Platform, not if your accessing content via your LMS. Team Names is an optional feature for our Platform Users to arrange their Learners into appropriate teams. You can choose any Team names you like, and we will program the system accordingly, at no extra cost.

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