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Advanced Personal Impact

Dramatically enhance your interactions with colleagues and clients.

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Advanced Personal Impact

Dramatically enhance your interactions with colleagues and clients.

Course Outcome

  • Better impulse control and stress tolerance
  • Adaptability, flexibility, self-esteem
  • 7 powerful leadership styles
  • Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity

Advanced Personal Impact

Dramatically enhance your interactions with colleagues and clients.

Course Outline

Emotional Intelligence

  • Overview
  • Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise, manage and use emotions to a positive end in verbal and non-verbal communication...

Impulse Control

  • Overview
  • Stress tolerance is the ability to resist or delay an impulse, drive or temptation to act and is the twin of stress tolerance...

Stress Tolerance

  • Overview
  • Whether or not we fall apart, start finger pointing or abandon hope, depends on our emotional intelligence in responding to stress...


  • Overview
  • Self-esteem, or self-regard, is how we feel about ourselves. In the workplace it manifests itself as being able to offer opinion and challenge others without fear of criticism...


  • Overview
  • The way we sustain relationships is by connecting with individuals in a way they would ideally like to be communicated to...


  • Overview
  • Flexibility is the core of emotional intelligence, the gear-shift that allows the deployment of all the other competencies, and more...

Six Thinking Hats

  • Introduction
  • Dr. Edward de Bono characterised the various thinking styles people use to discuss and ponder ideas, both individually and in meetings. He called them the 'Six Thinking Hats'....

  • White Hat
  • White is the hat of pure facts and data, in essence a reporter’s hat...

  • Yellow Hat
  • The Yellow hat is focused on realistic positive thinking and in essence is the optimist’s hat...

  • Blue Hat
  • The Blue Hat is the control or procedure hat that typically sets the focus and the agenda...

  • Black Hat
  • The Black hat is focused on logical negative thinking and is cautious, conservative and judgmental...

  • Red Hat
  • Red is the hat of pure feelings and emotions that allows for the free expression of enthusiasm, passion, irrational fears and intuition...

  • Green Hat
  • Green hat thinking is all about generating new ideas with fresh possibilities and seeks creativity and alternatives...


  • Overview
  • Assertiveness is about expressing one’s beliefs and thoughts clearly, unapologetically, and through logic. It's about communicating in an adult and direct way...

Leadership Competencies

  • Introduction
  • A brief introduction to the 7 leadership competencies - authenticity, collaboration, motivating, passion, relatablity, sharing values, and transparency...

  • Transparency
  • Transparency is the ability to avoid a hidden agenda and speak genuinely, openly and in a straightforward manner...

  • Passion
  • Passion is the ability to both feel and express passion about one's profession, job, industry and life in general, and it's key to motivating others...

  • Relatability
  • Being relatable means communicating our thoughts, feelings and insights with crystal clarity and simplicity in a way that others can relate to...

  • Authenticity
  • People wrongly confuse authenticity with habit. In order for communication to become authentic, you need to form new habits that are closer to your own personality...

  • Sharing Values
  • The ability to define and communicate our values is key to building deep relationships...

  • Collaboration
  • Collaboration is the ability to create an environment of trust in order to draw out honesty and productivity from a team...

  • Motivating
  • Motivating is defined as the process that guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. It's what causes us to act...


  • Actions
  • If you can commit to Personal Impact in small ways every day, you'll see that it can lead to big changes in the long term. So here are some simple actions that you can take in your daily work life to help you have more impact.

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