Enjoy being able to say ‘no’.


Feel confident enough to say ‘no’ and push back, without creating conflict.

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Feel confident enough to say ‘no’ and push back, without creating conflict.

Course Outcome

  • Assertive v aggressive, the difference
  • How to be objective
  • Ways to be assertive
  • Assertiveness theory


Feel confident enough to say ‘no’ and push back, without creating conflict.

Course Outline

Are You Assertive?

  • Know Your Triggers
  • The ability to be truly assertive begins with knowing what provokes illogical behaviours in your work and personal life - these are known as triggers...

  • What It Looks Like In You
  • Being assertive isn’t who a person is, but what they do...

Know Your Audience

  • Building Trust
  • When a presenter knows their audience, they have a better chance of speaking to its needs. This creates an environment of trust to more successfully assert your ideas, and benefit from theirs...

  • Outcome Thinking
  • When faced with high pressure, overwhelming situations, and enormous challenges, it can be easy to slide from assertive behaviour into aggressive or passive aggressive behaviour...

  • Being Present
  • People see the world from their own unique point of view. That’s why it’s important never to assume the elements of your communication are automatically clear to all members of the audience...

Barriers To Communication

  • Barriers to Communication
  • It’s not what you say but what people hear...

Think Before You Speak

  • Why We Argue
  • Our brains are hooked on winning and humans have a fundamental desire to always be right. This creates problems...

  • Staying Logical
  • In order to stay logical it's important to take the time to stop and gather your thoughts...

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
  • True assertiveness requires the exercise of emotional intelligence, so that all voices can be heard and respected, including yours...

Needs, Wants and Boundaries

  • Needs, Wants and Boundaries
  • In business it’s important to be very clear about the outcomes we're trying to achieve, however, each of us can get stuck in the trap of pushing our needs, while neglecting other points of view...

The Win Win

  • The Win-Win
  • When making contact with colleagues and clients, it's possible to improve your health by creating positive outcomes that allow for the obvious benefit of more Win Win Situations...

Crazy Maker

  • Crazy Maker
  • Crazy Makers are individuals who use behaviours such as anger, shaming, bullying and other negative conduct to control the actions and reactions of others...


  • Actions
  • This video looks at some things you can do every day to strengthen your assertive skills.

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