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Coaching and Mentoring

Develop the people around you through powerful dialogue.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Develop the people around you through powerful dialogue.

Course Outcome

  • The 4 fundamental principles
  • How to create transformative change
  • How to get them articulating
  • The vital skill of really listening

Coaching and Mentoring

Develop the people around you through powerful dialogue.

Course Outline

The Four Principles of Coaching

  • Trust
  • Without Trust, any attempt to coach a colleague will be fruitless and helping them to take the risks needed to reach their full potential will be close to impossible.

  • Potential
  • Coaching must be based on the assumption that every person has the Potential to grow and become something greater.

  • Commitment
  • A person's motivation to achieve long-term goals only stays strong when they have a firm internal Commitment to that particular outcome.

  • Execution
  • The job of the coach is to neither pull nor push his or her colleague in a predetermined direction, but instead to allow them to find their own journey.

  • Whats the Mission? Part 1
  • Your number one goal should be to challenge your colleagues to chase their fulfillment and fully express their true selves.

  • Whats the Mission? Part 2
  • When coaching, it's important to establish what your colleague's 'big picture' is in terms of their highest goals.

Key Skills

  • The Importance of Listening
  • It’s impossible to coach, mentor or lead others successfully without mastering the art of genuinely listening, which can be harder than it sounds.

  • What is Guided Discovery?
  • Guided Discovery is when a coach sets the framework or agenda, but allows the colleague to discover the answer for themselves.

  • Choosing Congruency
  • Vocal and physical congruency of what you say and do are paramount to building trust and rapport with others.

  • Mirror and Adapt
  • When people are in total rapport, they mirror each other non-verbally through something called Limbic Synchrony.

  • Tap into Your Curiosity
  • The more you actively enjoy being curious, the more natural and gratifying the coaching or mentoring experience will be for you.

  • Three Coaching Questions
  • This film focuses on three big coaching questions that the aspiring coach will find very helpful.

  • Trust Your Intuition
  • When coaching you will sometimes have hunches about a situation. This video looks at how to handle your hunches.


  • Face up to the Facts
  • FACTS is an acronym for an alternative approach to coaching that in some circumstances may be more effective than traditional methods.

  • Feedback
  • In the FACTS model the F is about the important subject of providing your colleague with Feedback to assist them in their coaching.

  • Accountable
  • In the FACTS model, the letter A stands for Accountable in reference to holding your colleague accountable for the commitments they make.

  • Courageous
  • In the FACTS model, C stands for Courageous since the pursuit of big goals often involves courage.

  • Tension
  • In the FACTS model the T stands for Tension since the model suggests that Tension is required in coaching to achieve optimal performance.

  • System Thinking
  • In the FACTS model the S stands for System thinking, since a coach's job is to raise the colleague's awareness of the System they work in as a whole.

  • The Coaching Group
  • The more you’re able to exchange tips, thoughts and experiences with your fellow delegates, the more your entire organisation can grow and develop.


  • Actions
  • Successful coaches or mentors bring out the very best in others. What a tremendous gift to be able to share. But to achieve it takes deliberate action.

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