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Having Difficult Conversations

Create the outcome you want in difficult circumstances.

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Having Difficult Conversations

Create the outcome you want in difficult circumstances.

Course Outcome

  • What you can do to improve outcomes
  • How to prepare, how to behave
  • About assumptions, beliefs & perspective
  • To keep everything under control

Having Difficult Conversations

Create the outcome you want in difficult circumstances.

Course Outline


  • Acknowledging Emotions
  • Dealing with feelings in the workplace can be complicated and striking the right balance is what this video is about...

  • Navigating Emotional Intelligence Through Self Awareness
  • Tools that have proven to be effective when managing our emotions in preparation for a difficult discussion, are self-awareness and the powerful question...

  • Managing Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  • In order to manage our emotions, we first need to acknowledge that they exist...

  • Checklist
  • Here’s a check list to use to prepare you for executing a difficult conversation effectively...


  • Introduction
  • These videos about executing difficult conversations, offer tools, tips and techniques for effective management of this sometimes tricky task...

  • Beginnings
  • When beginning a difficult conversation, timing really is critical...

  • Intention and Language
  • Difficult conversations are essentially about solving problems. It's useful to remember to encourage the other person to seek solutions...

  • Demonstrate Listening
  • Acknowledging you've heard the other person is key to building trust and ensures the other person knows you understand their position...

  • Reading Body Language
  • During a difficult conversation, watch for clues in the person's body language to understand how they’re experiencing it...

  • Communicating Effective Body Language
  • When having a difficult conversation it’s equally important to manage your own body language in order to help keep the discussion productive...

  • Assertive and Aggressive Communication
  • Always work towards defusing conflict through assertive communication. Stand up for your point of view, whilst respecting the rights and beliefs of the other person....

  • “I” Language and the Power of “And”
  • A very affective tool when having a difficult conversation is framing feedback in “I” language, rather than “you” language...


  • Closing
  • In concluding a difficult conversation, make sure the behavioural change is clear, and restate who’s going to do what, and by when...


  • Actions
  • When having a difficult conversation, if we get too logical too quickly, we run the risk of shutting people down.

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