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Leading with Impact and Presence

Command the respect of people around you through powerful communication.

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Leading with Impact and Presence

Command the respect of people around you through powerful communication.

Course Outcome

  • To communicate unambiguously
  • To motivate through communicating
  • How to communicate memorably
  • To encode and decode messages

Leading with Impact and Presence

Command the respect of people around you through powerful communication.

Course Outline

Communicating as a Leader

  • Introduction
  • What happens when a leader communicates, and how people interpret what is being said, is a complex process. This video will help you get to grips with the Shannon-Weaver model of communication.

  • Decoding Messages
  • Decoding the values of others is easier than you think - if you learn to decipher the signs...

  • Encoding Messages Through Storytelling
  • All of us will have had the experience of communicating brilliantly - but the key is to understand how we did it so that we can repeat it at will...

Defining Impact and Presence

  • Defining Impact and Presence
  • People will forget what you said and even what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel...

Values-Based Leadership

  • Values-Based Leadership
  • A leader's values are a reflection of who they are – and, more importantly, who they want to be as a leader...

The Impact and Presence Toolkit

  • Introduction
  • Authentic presence is impossible to fake and is no accident...

  • The Storytelling Format
  • The difference between a compelling story and a formless anecdote very often lies less in the basic content. What should it be?

  • Choose Your Story
  • We’ve been telling stories for centuries and don’t have to go back far to understand the powerful effect storytelling has on our hearts and minds...

  • The Power of Sensory Language
  • Sensory language inspires listeners to consider concepts and consequences in a much more three-dimensional way. This is a simple skill to learn...

  • Declarative vs Narrative Language
  • This video shows perfectly the difference between declarative and narrative language and how the latter can be used to have a lasting impact on your audience.

  • The Key to Leadership Presence
  • Effective and Congruent communication skills are the keys to authentic Leadership presence. Here's a mini toolkit of tips to use and practice to enhance yours...

  • Giving One Thought Per Person
  • Defining messages so an audience really connects with them is one of the keys to maintaining positive presence in any meeting or interaction...

Influencing Under Pressure

  • Introduction
  • Even great leaders have to face pressures, awkward situations, and seemingly overwhelming challenges. Here we look at the key to effective and successful leadership...

  • Outcome Thinking
  • Outcome thinking is what separates effective leaders from ineffective leaders...

  • The Decision to Act
  • Here we outline two of the key influencing strategies that can be used to sell ideas that motivate people - social proof and the rule of commitment...

  • Building Rapport
  • Robert Cialdini, a leading researcher in the study of Influence, states that we are more likely to be influenced by people that we like or have rapport with...

Putting it all Together

  • Putting it all Together
  • Leadership Presence is a state of listening and responsiveness and Impact is the effect you have on those around you. Here's a reminder of some of the key techniques we've been talking about and how to put them all together...


  • Actions
  • Thank of a leader who had a positive impact on your life, personally or professionally. How did they make you feel and what did they do to make such an impact?

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