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Managing Workplace Pressure

Avoid burn out by learning how to cope with workplace pressure.

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Managing Workplace Pressure

Avoid burn out by learning how to cope with workplace pressure.

Course Outcome

  • Proactive strategies to boost confidence
  • To avoid confidence killers
  • Rational strategies to help you manage
  • To deal effectively with stress & pressure

Managing Workplace Pressure

Avoid burn out by learning how to cope with workplace pressure.

Course Outline


  • Mindset
  • Having a positive and realistic mindset is essential if you want to maintain peak performance.

  • Breathing Smoothly
  • Under pressure our breathing usually changes and becomes slower or more rapid. This change can affect the way we think, feel and act...

  • Yerkes Dodson
  • Research shows that performance increases with increased mental or physiological arousal. This means you need to bring yourself up to the right level of mental and physical arousal in order to perform well at work...

  • Planning Fun Events
  • Life is more fun with something to look forward to so part of a healthy work life balance should be an active pursuit of interests outside of work...

  • Visualisation
  • Visualisation is a powerful tool and visualising success actually helps to make that success a reality...

  • Sleeping Right
  • Although the purpose of sleep is still being researched, we know it has a huge impact on our energy, mood and outlook. Here's a checklist of things to use to help get the quality of sleep you need...

  • Relaxing Deliberately
  • The important word in the title of this video is 'deliberately'. In an ever more stimulating environment we need to be conscious of our actions and take proper steps to create a relaxing environment...

  • Doing Practical Activities
  • Doing practical activities can really help to free the mind and that can result in a fresh perspective once back at work...

  • Exercising More
  • Exercise has multiple health benefits - both physically and mentally...

  • Eating Well
  • Eating well feeds the mind and the body...


  • Thoughts
  • Thoughts are key to our experience of life, and when something happens, we almost immediately have a cognitive reaction to it....

  • Feelings
  • In any situation, thoughts inevitably lead to feelings, and sometimes those feelings can be negative and destructive...

  • Actions
  • To be in control in any situation it’s important to have many choices available and to have the ability to act freely on those choices...


  • Reframing
  • Reframing a situation permits a mental change to the way certain things are viewed and can produce an outlook that is more supportive and manageable...

  • Building Your Resources
  • This exercise is a wonderful way to remind yourself of the resources available to you when resilience is required...

  • Think Like a Scientist
  • The best scientists have a stringent ethical code for approaching any new area of investigation. They test why certain things are true and real – they look for evidence. So can you...


  • Actions
  • The strategies for Managing Workplace Pressure are fairly simple and straightforward, but that doesn't mean that they're easy to implement.

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