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Mastering Your Memory

Remember almost anything with these simple techniques.

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Mastering Your Memory

Remember almost anything with these simple techniques.

Course Outcome

  • About the two main categories of memory
  • Acquisition, storage and retrieval
  • Non-mnemonic and mnemonic tools
  • How to remember names

Mastering Your Memory

Remember almost anything with these simple techniques.

Course Outline

Basics of Memory

  • Long Term Memory
  • There are two main categories of memory: long-term and short-term. Here we start with long term memory.

  • Short Term Memory
  • Now we come to Short-term memory. It's is fleeting in duration, yet it’s absolutely critical to remembering anything.

  • Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval
  • There are three phases to remembering: Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval and we look at all three in this video.

Mnemonics and Non-mnemonics

  • Non-mnemonic Tools
  • Before we dive into the more advanced memory techniques, it's worth looking at some simpler ways of remembering things.

  • Introduction to Mnemonics
  • Brains are great at remembering certain things: bizarre images, strange stories, unique sounds. But they’re terrible when it comes to memorising data, numbers or words without context. Mnemonics are used by memory champions to perform seemingly impossible feats like memorising pages from a phonebook or reciting the order of a shuffled deck of cards...

Remembering Names

  • Remembering Names
  • Do you forget names easily? Many people are honest enough to admit they do. Unfortunately, names are some of the most important things to remember if we want to build trust with our colleagues and clients. This video looks at the three steps to remembering names.


  • Lists in Sequence
  • Another mnemonic tool is the use of association chains.

  • Lists Out of Sequence
  • In the previous video we looked at memorising lists using association chains. That technique is great for memorising a sequence, but it won't help you to remember which item lies in which position on the list...


  • Actions
  • All the mnemonic tools outlined in this course can give a huge boost to your memory. But most of them will take a bit of work. Try and apply them whenever you can. For example, at a networking event, see if you can remember ten new names using the techniques we’ve suggested. Or the next time you go shopping try and chain the items together in your mind...

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