Successful negotiation is collaborative.

Negotiation Skills

Get the outcome you want in an interview, meeting or crucial interaction.

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Negotiation Skills

Get the outcome you want in an interview, meeting or crucial interaction.

Course Outcome

  • The traits of great negotiators
  • How to acquire and improve those traits
  • A tactics and negotiation toolkit
  • Opening, closing, staying in control

Negotiation Skills

Get the outcome you want in an interview, meeting or crucial interaction.

Course Outline

Traits of Top Negotiators

  • Traits of a Top Negotiator
  • This video looks at the traits of top negotiators as defined by hundreds of professional negotiators interviewed for the creation of this course...

Negotiator's Social Skills

  • Negotiator's Social Skills
  • Great negotiators play well with others. This video examines how social skills can be manifested in a negotiation...

Green Star

  • Know Your Subject
  • A key to successful negotiations is being as prepared as possible about your subject. The more knowledge you have about what you’re negotiating, the more tools you’ll have at your disposal to win...

  • Opposition
  • As part of preparing to negotiate, knowing your opposition is key. Understanding their temperaments, predilections, and cultural perspectives will stand you in excellent stead...

  • Marketplace
  • 'Marketplace' in a negotiation means a set of trading conditions or the business environment where the negotiation is taking place and that a good negotiator needs to be familiar with...

  • Boundaries
  • A key to preparing for a negotiation is being able to define the boundaries of the negotiation and knowing the “must haves” and the things you're prepared to concede...

  • Listening
  • Listening builds rapport and a key advantage of rapport is trust...

  • Clarity
  • In a negotiation it’s vitally important to take responsibility for how we present ourselves. This includes body language, how we sound, our content meaning and what we say...

  • Control and Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding your emotions and knowing what might trigger them is key when it comes to dealing with feelings and keeping a negotiation productive when it gets challenging...

  • Additional Preparation Questions
  • This video contains additional questions that should be researched for answers prior to any negotiation...

  • Closing
  • The ideal end to a negotiation is when everyone is comfortable with the deal struck. But this is also when it can get tricky...

Phone Negotiations

  • Phone Negotiations
  • Face-to-face negotiations are nearly always better than phone negotiations, but sometimes they can't be avoided. This video explains what to do when you have to negotiate over the phone...

Email Negotiations

  • Email Negotiations
  • Email negotiations should ideally be avoided, but if you do need to use email, here are some key things to stick to...


  • Surprise Surprise
  • The Surprise/Surprise is a last minute change in tactic designed to throw the other party in the negotiation...

  • Buck Passing
  • Buck passing is a tactic where a tough negotiation is avoided by the opposite party stating they can’t make the decision because some third party has to sign off on it. This video looks at how to deal with it...

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop is an oldie but a goodie as they say. Two negotiators, one nice, one aggressive. Here's what to do...

  • Concession Trading
  • Psychologists refer to a phenomenon called “reciprocity”. In negotiations, we call it concession trading...

  • Split Ends
  • Once a deal is done “in principle”, it’s tempting for people to relax, lower their guard, stop paying attention and assume it’s a straight path to signing a final document. But is it?...

  • The Blitz
  • The Blitz is when the other side use time as a way of rushing to close a negotiation. This video explores how to deal with it…

  • More Tactics
  • This video contains two final, but useful points about tactics…

A Strategy For Success

  • A Strategy for Success
  • This video is full of tips to help you become a successful negotiator...


  • Actions
  • Start strengthening your negotiation skills by doing something consciously every day.

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