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Networking Skills

Open up a world of opportunities and realtionships with great networking skills.

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Networking Skills

Open up a world of opportunities and realtionships with great networking skills.

Course Outcome

  • How to create the right impression
  • Techniques of great networkers
  • To be perceived well and create impact
  • How to network successfully

Networking Skills

Open up a world of opportunities and realtionships with great networking skills.

Course Outline

Personal Brand

  • Personal Brand
  • Personal Brand is the powerful, clear, positive message that anyone thinks of when they think about you. It is what other people say about you when you are not in the room...


  • Listening
  • When meeting new people, most people are so concerned with what they are going to say next, or waiting for their turn to speak, they often miss vital pieces of information, or are simply not present with the new person...

Remembering Names

  • Why and How
  • One of life's most impressive skills is the ability to remember names and details...

  • Techniques
  • There are many techniques to enhance memory. Here are some specific ones for helping to remember names...

  • Foreign Names
  • In a multi-cultural world, foreign names may be particularly hard to recall. Here are some ideas on how to approach this...


  • Preparation
  • Preparation is really important when networking in any situation. Here are some ideas to help you prepare...

Breaking the Ice

  • Breaking the Ice
  • In this video you’ll see how to get beyond mundane conversation-starters likethe weather and transportation…

Thinking Style

  • Thinking Style
  • When thinking about networking in any situation, a good way to approach it is to think about how you can create value for someone else...

Opening Conversations

  • Use Open Questions
  • Open questions are a brilliant way to open up a good conversation...

  • Disclosure
  • Disclosure is when you share something personal about yourself...

  • Using Compliments
  • Paying people compliments can work really well, provided it's done properly...


  • Transitioning
  • This video explores how to seamlessly shift the topic of a conversation tosomething of importance…

Exiting Conversations

  • Be Honest
  • Exiting conversations can be a real challenge and there are some really bad methods in use out there. Here's how to do it gracefully...

  • Park and Ride
  • Sometimes you can use other people to exit conversations. Introduce someone to the person you're talking to, or bring them over to meet someone on their own...

Follow Up

  • Follow Up
  • Great progress can be made when meeting people, but keeping in touch with your network is also really important...


  • Actions
  • In this final video we help you to get started in building and maintaining your network with some simple actions.

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