A good meeting is a short meeting.

Running Effective Meetings

Create an energy and direction that will make your meetings succeed.

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Running Effective Meetings

Create an energy and direction that will make your meetings succeed.

Course Outcome

  • How to make a meeting work
  • What to do before a meeting
  • What to do during your meeting
  • How to deal with challenges

Running Effective Meetings

Create an energy and direction that will make your meetings succeed.

Course Outline

What Makes a Meeting Ineffective?

  • What Makes a Meeting Ineffective?
  • The late Harvard economist John Kenneth Gailbraith observed that 'Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything'.

What Makes a Meeting Effective?

  • What Makes a Meeting Effective?
  • In our previous video we considered the elements that get in the way of a successful meeting. Now, let’s take a moment to consider the things that work.

Before the Meeting

  • How to Prepare for Meetings
  • The next series of videos focus on how to prepare for meetings.

  • Know Your Outcome
  • One of the best ways to imbue your meetings with a sense of purpose is to define your outcome and, most critically, communicate that Outcome to meeting participants.

  • Decide if a Meeting is Necessary
  • This film explores the idea of 'being there' and considers the question: Is this meeting actually necessary?

  • Invite the Right People
  • Sometimes we've been forced to attend a conference call, video conference or face to face meeting but the topic had nothing to do with us, our team, or our area of expertise.

  • Set an Agenda
  • A meeting with no clear Agenda, no clear purpose or no organisation, is probably not a meeting you would like to attend!

  • Effective Agendas
  • In this video we carry out a development exercise around creating an effective agenda by comparing two different versions.

During the Meeting

  • From the Top
  • Here are a few tips to help kick off your meeting with clarity, intention, and (most importantly) collegiality, or the human touch.

  • Personality Styles
  • The meeting has started well but how do you keep up the momentum? Here are some answers.

  • Involve Your People
  • In a meeting, sometimes participants can feel left out and disengaged unless they've been given a specific reason for being there.

  • Dealing with Disruptive People
  • Often, the key to dealing with Disruptive behaviors in a meeting is how you go about it.

  • Finish Strong
  • If a meeting ends in the right way there’s a sense of completion and satisfaction. Here are some ideas around how to achieve that.

  • Communication
  • At its root, running an effective meeting is about clearly Communicating goals and ideas to clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Tone
  • Whether you’re sending out information about a meeting, or conducting the meeting itself, pay attention to your Tone; how you say something is as important as what you say.

  • Energy
  • Much can be said on the topic of Energy but in the end it boils down to three key components: Attitude, Focus and Intensity

  • Language Choices
  • How much of this can you listen to before you want to push Fast Forward? Um, welcome. Uhhhhhh, I, um…. y’know, was, ummmm… looking at the agenda…

  • Body Language
  • Frequently our bodies are sending out messages about our state of mind or opinions without us even knowing it.

  • What about Virtual Meetings?
  • How should you conduct a virtual meeting? Do the same rules apply as in a Face to Face meeting? If not, what’s different?

  • Video Conferences Do's and Don’ts
  • Video Conferences provide the opportunity to be both seen and heard. Here are a few specific Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind.

  • Conference Calls Do's and Don'ts
  • On an audio conference call, how do you get your message across clearly and expressively when you can't see the other participants?

After the Meeting

  • What Happens After the Meeting
  • When your meeting is over, there are certain things you can do that can help to embed ideas and remind people of action items.


  • Actions
  • In this final video, Paul poses some final questions. When it comes running more effective meetings, what are the things you now need to stop, start or continue?

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