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The Inspirational Leader

Learn how to inspire the people you lead.

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The Inspirational Leader

Learn how to inspire the people you lead.

Course Outcome

  • To make people want to do their best
  • To create vision and execute the mission
  • To coach others to excellence
  • To gain the respect of those you lead

The Inspirational Leader

Learn how to inspire the people you lead.

Course Outline

The Science of Motivation

  • Introduction
  • What actually motivates us? Psychology, behavioural research and sociology all come at this question from many different angles...

  • The Motivation Checklist
  • 'More than anything else, employees want to be valued for a job well done by those they hold in high esteem'...

Knowing the Why

  • Introduction
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. Nelson Mandela had a cause. Mohandas Ghandi fought for freedom. These iconic leaders all had one thing common -Purpose...

  • Inspiration and Craft
  • There are no sure fire formulas to inspiration but there are some principles that can guide you in the right direction and some tools that can help you craft a way of “being inspirational”...

  • Motivation & Inspiration Call to Action
  • As leaders, we can start to take responsibility for all the factors that are in our control, let go of the factors that aren’t, and maintain our own sense of motivation in the face of challenges. Easier said than done...

Coaching and The GROW Model

  • Introduction
  • The GROW model is used a great deal in coaching, management and problem solving. This video introduces the four stages of the model...

  • The GROW Model Goal
  • Stage One of the GROW model is about the goal and how to set about establishing it...

  • The GROW Model Reality
  • Stage Two of the GROW model is about a person's reality and how to establish where someone is in relation to where they want to be...

  • The GROW Model Options
  • Stage Three of the GROW model is the brainstorming stage and all about possibility...

  • The GROW Model Way Forward
  • Stage Four is the final stage of the GROW model and is all about helping the person to establish the actions they now need to take...

The Toolkit

  • Introduction
  • One of the options a leader has is to allow an individual to choose how they go about doing their work. This video also looks at why being a micro-manager can be a major de-motivator...

  • Diversity and Respect
  • In order to inspire and motivate a team you must first have a deep understanding of who they are so that you can build rapport, trust and respect...

  • Learning Styles and Motivation
  • Not everyone learns in the same way - figuring out how different team members learn will greatly assist your leadership of them...

  • Giving Feedback
  • Giving constructive and effective feedback is a key role of the leader. This video illustrates how to get the best outcomes...

  • Listening with Empathy
  • A reminder of the vital importance of listening properly, what it looks like and how to do it with empathy.


  • Actions
  • Now is the time when you get to practise motivating and inspiring your team. We've given you a lot of tools, but how do you start implementing them? This video has some suggestions.

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