The advantage of running webinars

10 reasons webinars have failed in the past

Technology can be cumbersome and inefficient

Delegates can become disengaged and distracted

A general lack of interaction from the participants

Participants can hide as there is no accountability

Participants often feel less enthusiastic about virtual training

Potential distractions such as emails popping up, skype calls, office noise, etc.

Facilitators can come across as less dynamic than they do in the classroom

Facilitators can find it difficult to administer effective 1:1 feedback

Lower knowledge retention than face-to-face training as participants can struggle to focus

Participants can feel less connected to the facilitator

Our five pillar solution for better webinars

Best in class facilitators

Many of our coaches are trained actors and all are specifically trained at delivering webinars. They are known for their charismatic delivery, and they know how to leverage their stories, language, voice, expressions and gestures so attendees pay attention.

Strong technology

We ensure that whether somebody joins via telepresence, solo or as part of a group, they are set for a great experience with supportive technology which won’t break down.

Dedicated producer

As standard our webinars are managed by a technical producer who is responsible for making sure everything works correctly and all audio-visual elements are cued at the right time (polling, audiovisual, logging in etc).

Powerful engagement tools

We use every tool at our disposal to mimic the type of interactivity participants get in a classroom experience in order to keep them engaged and attentive, including but not limited to – video clips, chat boxes, polls and Q&As.

Impactful content

Rather than just being virtual versions of classroom courses, our webinars are specifically designed for webinar delivery.

Our Webinar offering

The new Working Voices webinar experience will be formulated through two component parts.

Part 1:
Audience type

Small audience

An intimate, workshop-style experience with plenty of interaction and opportunities for feedback and group discussions.

Large audience

A TED Talk style offering which will deliver a powerful message to a larger group of people. Designed for audiences of 20+, this style of webinar can be a powerful call to action that will inspire and motivate your people.

Our webinars generally run from one to two hours, which is the optimum amount of time for people to concentrate and embed knowledge in a virtual learning session. We encourage participants to log in from a quiet, private environment free of distractions.

Part 2:
Package type

Standard package

Our webinars are managed by a technical producer as standard and will be delivered from our trainer’s location via a laptop (with an advanced lighting, camera and microphone setup).  

Studio package

More suitable for keynote speech style webinars for larger audience. This package is streamed live from a studio with a producer, director and multiple cameras. If you want to make a big impact on your audience, then this is definitely the right option.
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